Baby Health: These green vegetables are beneficial for the health of children


It has always been seen that children start shrinking their noses and mouth while eating vegetables. Due to this parents also worry about their health. Vegetables contain essential nutrients that give strength to their body as well as help in their growth. Today we tell you which vegetables are beneficial for children. 

Spinach: Protein, fiber, and carbs are found in abundance in this vegetable. Which removes stomach-related problems and also increases eyesight.

Cauliflower: It contains calcium and vitamins, which strengthen the bones of children.

Tomatoes: Tomatoes contain vitamin A, which improves eyesight.

Beans: These not only keep blood sugar under control but also keep the child's nature calm.

Peas: Helps a lot in the physical development of the child, due to which the child gets both vitamins and fiber.

Cucumber: Eating cucumber increases the immunity of the body, which is very important.