BEAUTY TIPS: If your hands get black in the sun, then this special pack made from curd and gram flour


It is often seen that due to strong sunlight, hands turn black and often people's skin becomes dark, in such a situation, women do a lot about skincare, if you have the same problem with you, then you should maintain the natural look of your skin. It is possible that if you use curd and gram flour properly, then your dark skin will become natural.

Yogurt is very beneficial for the skin, the ingredients present in curd take special care of your skin, the glow of your skin remains intact and the dirt on your face is removed.

If you apply curd on the face, then you can also add gram flour with it because gram flour has anti-oxidant properties that do not allow your skin to darken.


Half bowl of gram flour

2 tbsp curd

5 to 6 drops of lemon juice

Make a pack of gram flour and curd, then mix both of them, add

5-6 drops of lemon juice and mix, apply

this on the face for about 30 minutes,

then clean it with water.