Auto Tips: These reasons cause cracks on the windshield, learn how to protect...


Everyone has an attachment to the car, but if the glass of a parked car gets cracked during the journey or then it feels very bad. We are going to tell you a similar reason in this news, due to which the glass of the car gets cracked. Plus, learn how you can prevent your glass from cracking.


Incorrect installation
If the glass of your car is getting damaged and you are thinking of getting it replaced, then you should always get the installation done from the right place. While getting the glass installed, it should be kept in mind that the mirror should be installed in the car in the right way. If the glass is not applied properly, the risk of breaking it increases.

Poor quality glass
Another reason for glass breakage or cracking is poor quality glass. The work of glass in the car is to block the air coming from the front as well as other things and make a transparent wall so that everything is visible while driving the car. If the glass is of poor quality, then even after a slight injury or driving at high speed, the glass of the car gets cracked.

Sunlight causes cracks
In places where the temperature is high and direct sunlight comes, the risk of glass cracking is also high. Direct sunlight falls on the glass of the car, which causes a change in the glass. Due to the high temperature, the outer edge of the glass increases, which also increases the risk of cracking the glass. Try not to park your car in direct sunlight.

Turn off the AC before turning off the car
If you have a habit you also turning off the AC while turning off the car, then rectify this habit. After going somewhere you stop the car and also turn off the AC, in such a situation the temperature inside the car decreases but due to the heat outside, the temperature of the glass changes, and the chances of cracking the glass increase...


Glass breaks due to gravel on the road
You are going somewhere in the car on the road and there is a truck or any vehicle in front of you and only then there is a sound and there is a crack in the glass of the car. It is quite common for this to happen. Small stones are lying on the road and sometimes the gravel gets separated from the road itself, which after coming in contact with the tire of the car travels backward at a very high speed. In such a situation, after hitting the glass of the car coming from behind, the glass gets cracked. Therefore, you should try to make some distance from the vehicle ahead of you where there is gravel above the road.