Auto Tips: How to adjust steering and seat while driving, know easy tips here...


The use of steering is very important while driving a car. While driving, it is very important to adjust the steering wheel according to the comfort and reach of the driver. This not only makes driving easy but also safe. Here we will tell you some easy tips by which you will be able to adjust the steering and seat easily and correctly.


Depending on the type of your car you will have either manual or electric coordination. This bar in front of the seat lets you slide it forward and backward by pulling it up. Some cars only have a small bar or loop on the left and right sides.

How to use
On the side of the seat, you'll often find a lever or rotating dial that coordinates the seat pitch (ie the angle of the seat back) and seat height. Moving the seat down often causes it to slide back a bit as well.

Take care of your knees
If you have a car that doesn't have steering wheel height or rake (front/rear) coordination, you'll need to adjust your seat position to correct it. If you set the steering wheel, raise the height so that your knees don't touch it while applying the brakes or using the clutch, and you can see the rest of the tools through it. If your knees touch the steering column, you run the risk of injuring them badly in case of an accident.


Drive only after a final check
Then bring the steering wheel towards you so that when you sit with your arms outstretched, the heels of your hands rest on the top of the steering wheel. This means that when you hold the steering wheel in the 10-to-2 or quarter-to-3 position, you will be comfortable driving. Then after the final check, you can start driving.