Astrology tips : Only 5 grains of black pepper will make you rich


To earn money and get rich soon, take five grains of black pepper and throw one grain each on your head 7 times in all four directions.

In the event of Shani's half-century or Daiya, donate some grains of black pepper and some coins to the person by tying them in a black cloth.

People suffering from Shani dosha should take only black salt and black pepper. By keeping 7-8 grains of black pepper inside a lamp in any corner of the house, all the negative energy will be consumed by burning.

If you are going out for important work, keep black peppercorns on the main door and press them with your feet and go out, you will get successful in the work.

Making 5 grams of asafetida, 5 grams of camphor, and 5 grams of black pepper powder, and burning it in the house in the morning and evening, reduces the evil eye.