Astrology Tips : Do not touch the feet of these people even by mistake, there will be trouble in future


Whenever we meet a learned person or a person older in age, we touch his feet, this tradition is seen from the point of view of respect.

Everyone knows that the feet of the elders should be touched, but in the scriptures, it was mentioned about some people whose feet should not be touched even by mistake.

Do not touch the feet of any sleeping person, according to the scriptures, the feet of a lying person can be touched only on one condition when he has died.

According to the scriptures, a person returning from the crematorium should neither bow down nor touch his feet.

When a person is meditating or engrossed in worship, do not bow down to him, nor talk to him.

It is said that one nephew is equal to 100 Brahmins, in this case, the nephew should never touch the feet of his maternal uncle or maternal uncle.

One should not touch the feet of a person during the worship of God or in front of the idol of God