Astrology: This remedy of coconut can destroy poverty, try it today!


Small coconut has been given special importance in Vastu Shastra. Actually small coconut is called small coconut. Keeping a small coconut in the temple is considered very auspicious. Keeping a small coconut in the house of worship removes money-related problems. Here we are going to tell you how to use coconut.

A small coconut is said to be associated with Goddess Lakshmi. For this reason, this coconut is considered special for getting money. By doing this there will never be any money problems in the house. Try these remedies for miniature coconuts in your home...


Wrap it in a yellow cloth and keep it in the kitchen

If there is a financial problem, wrap 11 small coconuts in a yellow cloth and keep them in the kitchen. With this, the grace of Maa Annapurna and Maa Lakshmi remains. There will always be a stock of food in the kitchen.

Make a batter of 5 small coconuts

If you want to get wealth and prosperity in the house, then keeping 5 small coconuts at the place of worship brings wealth and prosperity to the house. A mantra has to be chanted while installing a small coconut in the temple. A special mantra has to be chanted 27 times while applying Tilak to each coconut. Recite this mantra-

'ऐं ह्लीं श्रीं क्लीं’।


Do this remedy every Saturday

Saturday's remedy is done with a small coconut. To avoid the wrath of the Shani, 7 small coconuts should be offered in the Shani temple. After this, all these coconuts should be flown in the river. By doing this Shani dosha is removed from the person's horoscope and the grace of Maa Lakshmi remains.