Astrology Remedies : Do these remedies of turmeric to get happiness and prosperity at home


Turmeric is definitely used in auspicious works.

Offering turmeric lumps to Lord Vishnu is considered auspicious to reduce Guru Dosh in the horoscope.

By offering turmeric garland to Ganesha, one gets freedom from obstacles at work.

By drawing a line of turmeric on the wall outside the house, there is no trouble in the house.

Guru's grace will remain by donating turmeric on Thursday

Mixing turmeric in rice and keeping it in the purse will bring money.

Sprinkling a little turmeric on the root of a banana on Thursday will make the spoil work

Tying turmeric in a red cloth and keeping it in the vault will bring blessings.

Applying turmeric tika while going out brings happiness and prosperity.