Astrology Remedies : Do these 5 measures on Shattila Ekadashi, poverty will go away


Shattila Ekadashi is celebrated on the Ekadashi date of Krishna Paksha of Magha month. This year this date is falling on Wednesday, 18 January 2023.

Many problems can be got rid of by doing mole remedies on this day. To get rid of bad luck, on the day of Shattila Ekadashi, take a bath mixed with Gangajal and some sesame seeds.

Applying boiled sesame seeds on Shattila Ekadashi is considered very beneficial for getting health. To get the blessings of Lord Vishnu, perform Havan with sesame seeds on the day of Shattila Ekadashi.

To get blessings from the ancestors, offer water mixed with sesame seeds to the ancestors by facing the south direction. Make sure to add sesame seeds while preparing food on Shattila Ekadashi.