Astrology: For success in job and business, keep this thing under the pillow and sleep


Astrology: Everyone wants to be successful in their life. People also work hard for this. However, sometimes even after all the efforts and hard work, some people do not get success. In such a situation, people take the help of astrology. Many such remedies have been told in astrology, which are very beneficial for progress in life. If you also want to get success in career then you can try these remedies. These simple steps will help you in shaping your career. However, at the same time, you have to keep working hard. Along with hard work, these remedies can definitely help you by filling positive energy inside you. In astrology, some such things have been told about which sleeping under the pillow increases luck. Let us know about these measures….


Turmeric root
In astrology, the planet Jupiter is considered to be the causative planet of luck, honor, wealth, splendor, married life. If the position of Jupiter is good in the horoscope, then luck always favors you and you get progress in every sphere of life. In such a situation, if the planet Jupiter is weak in your horoscope, then sleep with a knot of turmeric tied in a yellow cloth under your pillow. By doing this, Jupiter gives auspicious results and you will start getting auspicious results in job or business.

Silver fish
In the horoscope, the planet Venus is considered to be the factor of material comforts, love, opulence, beauty, ornaments etc. In such a situation, it is considered auspicious to use silver metal to strengthen the planet Venus. Fill a silver vessel with water and keep a silver fish in it and keep it under the bed. By doing this remedy, the malefic effects of Venus can be reduced.

Iron ring
If Saturn is not in the right position in the horoscope, then a mountain of problems arise in life. In such a situation, according to astrology, keeping an iron ring under your pillow is considered auspicious to strengthen the planet Saturn and get the blessings of Shani Dev. Apart from this, fill water in an iron vessel and keep it under the bed and then drink this water in the morning. By doing this remedy, the position of Saturn in the horoscope improves.


According to astrology, garlic is also considered a symbol of good luck. In such a situation, if you want, you can sleep by keeping garlic buds under your pillow. By doing this, positive energy is transmitted around the person and by eliminating negative energy, it helps in getting good sleep.