Astrology : Your luck will shine with just a few grains of rice


The more holy Akshat is considered in worship, the more miraculous are its remedies.

It is said that using unbroken rice in worship and applying Tilak on the forehead with Roli brings good luck.

Offering Arghya to Sun God by mixing a little akshat with Roli in a copper pot, brightens luck and removes financial problems.

Establish Maa Annapurna on a pile of rice in the worship house, by doing this there is no shortage of food and money in the house.

Tie 21 unbroken grains of akshat in a red silk cloth on the full moon day of any month and keep it safely in a money-keeping place or purse.

By doing this remedy, you will not have any shortage of money. It is believed that Lord Bholenath is pleased by offering only 5 grains of rice to Shiva on Shukla Paksha or Chaturthi Tithi of any month.