Astrology : A rare sight will be seen in the sky this evening


Tonight is going to be very special, today a rare sight of conjunction of planets will be seen in the sky. In fact, Saturn has entered Aquarius on January 17, after that Venus has also entered Aquarius on January 22, and now on the night of January 23, Moon will also enter Aquarius, thus Trigrahi Yoga in Aquarius. will form

The trigrahi yoga formed by the arrival of 3 planets Saturn, Venus and Moon together in Aquarius will be clearly visible in the sky. This rare sight can be seen with the naked eye without a telescope

According to experts, these three planets will be seen together in the west after sunset. At the top, the semi-circular moon, that is, sickle-shaped, will be seen, below it, the planet Venus shining like a top will be seen on the south side, then Saturn will be seen below Venus.

This rare sight of the combination of Venus, Saturn and Moon in the sky will start appearing from 6.30 pm, this sight will be visible till 8 pm only.