Astro Update : Difficulties will increase for these zodiac signs from January 31


Shani Dev is set in Aquarius on January 31, after which it will rise on March 5.

In such a situation, people of some zodiac signs will have to face problems for about 33 days after the setting of Shani Dev.

For Cancerians, there is a need to avoid making decisions regarding careers. Avoid starting any new work, there can be a crisis of diseases in the family.

Due to the setting of Shani Dev, the health of the people of Leo can deteriorate, during this time if you do not control your extravagance, then the situation will go out of hand.

The people of the Scorpio zodiac should not do any big work in these 33 days, spend money wisely, and also not argue with their family members.

Aquarians may have to face a financial crunch, apart from this there can be chances of a fight with their life partner.