Astro Tips to Make Money Fast: - You can be rich even with a torn old purse, know-how


There is something in the life of every person, which he considers lucky for himself. This thing can be anything, even your old purse can be lucky for you. But you can use the old purse only for a time limit, after it gets damaged; you have to transfer your goods to a new purse. 

But if you have a special attachment to a purse or if you never lack money by keeping money in a particular purse, then obviously that purse means to you a lot. But when you are transferring your belongings to the new purse by changing the purse, what do you do with the old purse? 

Especially if your purse is old, what do you do with it? It is generally seen that women either give their old purse to someone or throw it away. But if a purse is lucky for you, you should neither give it to anyone nor throw it away. Let us tell you what you should do with your old purse. 


Keep these things in a torn old purse 

If your old purse is torn, empty it first and transfer the items to the new purse. Later, if the old purse has been lucky for you, then tie a one rupee coin in it in a red cloth. In such a situation, the energy which was in your old purse will remain and you will continue to get the benefit from it. 

Keep these things in your old purse 

If the old purse has been good for you, then never keep it empty. If you want that money should always remain in your new purse, then you should put some rice in it. Later you should transfer the same rice to your new purse. By doing this, the new purse will prove to be as lucky for you as the old purse was


Where to keep the old purse 

If you do not want to throw away your old purse and want to keep it with you, then you should tie it in a red cloth and keep it inside the safe. Never keep the purse empty, you should keep money, rice, camphor or even a simple handkerchief in the purse. 

What to do with a torn purse? 

If you think that the purse is very lucky for you, but it is torn, then you can keep that purse with you only after you get it completely repaired. If the purse is torn and is not in a position to be repaired, then it weakens your Rahu, due to which you may lose money. That's why you should remove him from you immediately. 


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