Astro Tips on seeing Millipede:-This worm indicates good luck, if you see it roaming in the house, then you get good news


During the rainy season, many insects and moths start growing. Different types of insects and moths start appearing in the house, one of them is a centipede. 

The millipede is a kind of insect, which is found in damp places and it is very much visible during the rainy season. However, people get scared after seeing this and they do not feel good, but there are some auspicious and inauspicious results of seeing millipedes. 

We talked to Pandit and astrologer Vinod Soni ji of Bhopal on this matter. Pandit ji says, 'The millipede is associated with Vastu and it is also associated with astrology because it is a symbol of Rahu. It has both good and bad results.'  

If a live centipede is seen on the floor 

If you see live millipedes on the floor of the house, then it is a sign that the Vastu of your house is not correct. In such a situation, instead of killing the millipede, you should adopt measures to drive the millipede out of the house. If your Rahu is weak, then you will see centipedes crawling on the toilets of the house, the threshold of the main door and the stairs. 

If a dead centipede is laid on the floor 

If you see a dead centipede on the floor of the house, then it is a sign that some big calamity was coming to your house, which was averted. In a way, you can consider it a good sign. On the other hand, if the centipede dies from you accidentally or unknowingly, then it has a direct effect on your planet Rahu and there may be some big problems in your life. 

If the centipede climbs on the head 

In Vastu Shastra, millipedes are considered a symbol of poor health. If a centipede climbs on the head of a person, it means that he is going to have some serious disease or else. In such a situation, you should do the remedies of Rahu by asking Pandit ji. 

If centipedes appear in the kitchen 

If centipedes are seen in the kitchen sink, it is not a good sign. It is believed that if millipedes are seen in the kitchen, the Vastu of the kitchen is not right and if the Vastu of the kitchen itself is not right, then how the health of the members of that house can remain fine.  

If the centipede climbs on the leg or hand 

If a centipede climbs on the feet or hands, it is also an inauspicious sign. This is an indication that some of your work is going to deteriorate. But if you suddenly see a millipede alive in the house and then disappear, then it indicates that some very important work of yours is going to be done. 

Meaning of millipede at the main entrance 

The sight of millipedes at the main gate gives two types of signs. If the centipede is going out from the main door, it means that it is carrying all the troubles of the house with you and your Rahu is strong in the horoscope. On the other hand, if the centipede is entering the house from the main door, it means that he is bringing troubles with him.  


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