Astro Tips: By doing these measures of barley, you will get success in every work, the financial condition will also be strong.


Astro Tips: Barley is considered very sacred in Hinduism. Barley is used for works like havan and worship. You can do many remedies using barley. By doing these measures, there is happiness and prosperity in the house.

Barley is used during many religious rituals, pujas, and auspicious functions.  It is very beneficial to do this.  It is believed that by donating barley, one attains the same virtue as donating gold.  You can also do some remedies with barley.  These remedies will work to get rid of many problems.

To get rid of disease - If a person is troubled by any disease for a long time, then you can also take remedy from barley.  For this, take barely equal to the weight of the sick person.  Take the sight of the sick person out of it.  Now put it in water.  By doing this the person gets well soon.

To overcome a financial crisis- You can also take many measures to overcome the financial crisis.  For this, donate flour made from barley or barley to the needy people.  This gets rid of financial constraints.

For happiness and prosperity – Offer barley to Lord Vishnu daily during the worship. Doing this brings happiness and prosperity to the house. One gets success in every work.

To get happiness and peace – organize a havan at home on the full moon and new moon. Offer barley flour during the havan. By doing this, positive energy is transmitted and happiness and peace are attained.