Astro Gyan : Do these measures to avoid the evil eye on Gupta Navratri


If someone in your house is sick and troubled, then on Gupta Navratri, offer red-colored flowers to Maa Durga. Tying 21 Gomti Chakra and 3 coconuts in a yellow cloth and hanging them on the door of the office removes evil eye.

Wrapping seven Siddha Gomti Chakras in red cloth and keeping them in the locker, there is no shortage of money in your house. Keeping Gomti Chakra at home brings happiness and prosperity.

Pressing 11 Gomti Chakra in the foundation of the building in the south-east direction brings prosperity along with the removal of Vastu defects. 11 Wrapping a proven Gomti Chakra in a red cloth and keeping it in a rice or wheat container, there will be no shortage of money and grains in the house.

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