Kitchen Hacks: Fake asafoetida is causing serious harm to health! this is how to identify the real one


Kitchen Hacks: Nowadays it is not right to blindly trust the things available in the market, for this you must identify the real and fake at home.


Real vs Fake Asafoetida: Who does not like good and tasty food, but do you know where the taste of some food comes from, due to which people enjoy the food. The main reason for this is asafoetida, yes, through this spice, the taste of our food becomes better. This is such an ingredient which is also called Secret Recipe. For information, let us tell you that asafoetida not only enhances the taste of food but is also beneficial for our health, it protects our body from diseases. But do you know that if you eat fake asafetida, then it can cause severe damage to the body? Let's know how to identify real and fake

How to know if asafetida is real or fake?

1. Burn it


It is very important to identify real asafoetida, it is related to our health, so if you want to identify asafetida, then burn it and see if it is real or fake. If it is real asafoetida, then its flame becomes bright when burnt. Also, let us tell you that fake asafetida does not burn easily.

2. Identify by Color

You can also identify asafoetida by its color, let us tell you that the actual color of asafetida is light brown, as well as applying it to ghee, it starts to swell, and then its color changes to red color. After this, you should immediately change your asafetida because it is not real asafoetida. Also, let us tell you that when mixed with water, real asafetida turns white like water, but there is no change in the same fake asafoetida. 

3. Recognize by smell


Let us tell you that the smell of real asafetida does not go away quickly. If you take asafetida in hand and wash it with soap, then the smell of real asafoetida does not go away quickly, whereas if it is fake asafetida, then its smell comes out immediately, so that you come to know the difference. 

(Disclaimer: The information given here is based on home remedies and general information. Before adopting it, take medical advice. We do not confirm this.)