Asafoetida Benefits: Asafetida is a friend of your health, it removes 3 problems...


Hing Khane Ke Fayde: Asafoetida will be found in almost every kitchen in India. Eating this not only increases the test, but it is also beneficial for health. It is used to make many dishes delicious, but do you know that asafoetida is rich in medicinal properties? There are many such problems in our bodies and asafoetida can help us to get rid of them.


Eating asafetida gives relief from these problems
Asafoetida (Asafoetida) is considered a treasure of health because if used specially, it can get rid of many diseases. Let us know for which problems asafoetida is a panacea.

1. Indigestion
If you are facing problems related to the stomach then asafoetida is no less than a medicine for you. In case of indigestion, first of all, take a glass of lukewarm water and mix asafetida in it and drink it. Apart from this, another way is to prepare a paste by grinding asafetida and then rubbing it round and round around the navel. You will find that digestion will get better soon.

2. Headache
Many times we have to face headaches due to tension, for which we consume painkillers which can prove to be a dangerous method. If you want a natural cure for headache, make a paste by grinding asafetida (Asafoetida) and rubbing it on the forehead, you will get relief in a while.


3. Bloating
Many people complain of flatulence, which becomes a source of trouble. In such a situation, mix Asafoetida Powder with mustard oil and rub it around the navel. By doing this you will get relief soon.