Are you in the habit of taking sleeping pills? So leave today or else you will have a bad effect!


Deep sleep is a panacea for many diseases. Of course, restful sleep comes only when physical labor is done, but there is no mental stress. In today's world, getting this kind of sleep is really rare. This is due to changing lifestyle.


We are not happy physically and mentally. It affects sleep, the most important part of the routine. Now because of mobile phones, TVs, screens are in front of the eyes till late at night, so it is difficult to sleep.

In such a situation, many people take the help of sleeping pills. At present many people in the world are sleeping by taking sleeping pills and their number is increasing day by day, But these pills have many serious side effects. Let's know about it.

Many studies have proved that taking sleeping pills has many harmful effects on the body and the brain. Sleeping pills weaken memory. Due to this, the ability of individuals to think and understand gradually decreases. The side effects start appearing only after a month of starting the consumption of these pills. These pills also increase the risk of high blood pressure and heart disease.


Taking sleeping pills regularly can cause problems like lethargy, constipation, memory loss, stomach pain, weakness, and dizziness. Therefore, never take sleeping pills without the advice of a doctor. Pills should be the last option. Before this, you can try some easy ways to get sleep.

Watching TV or mobile while sleeping puts pressure on the eyes. So leave this habit. Instead, think better at bedtime and get into the habit of sleeping on time.

- Set bedtime and wake-up time. This will set the routine. A good night's sleep will make you feel energized throughout the day.

Before sleeping, wash your hands and feet thoroughly and then go to sleep. If possible, massage the soles of the feet with oil. Applying oil to the soles of the feet brings good sleep.

Drinking tea or coffee at night affects sleep. Therefore, do not consume such a drink while sleeping.

Try reading a book to fall asleep. With this, sleep will start coming soon. Also, good reading brings good ideas. Taking sleeping pills reduces memory, and thinking ability. These pills can be taken in some situations, But using them can be harmful to the body. Even if it is time to take the pills, do not take them without medical advice.