Arbi Leaf Chutney Recipe: Arbi leaf chutney will enhance the taste of food, learn how to make...


Most people do not like arbi curry at all. However, many people like arbi leaf dumplings very much. But do you know that arbi leaves are not only used to make pakodas but delicious chutneys can also be prepared from them? Whose taste is amazing. Like coriander and mint, chutney can also be made by mixing arbi leaves. So let's learn how to make arbi leaves chutney.


Make arbi leaves chutney mixed with tamarind
To make arbi leaves chutney, you will need one cup arbi leaves, two to three tamarind, jaggery, red chili powder, half a cup of coconut, grate it, along with mustard seeds, half a teaspoon of urad dal, one Garlic cloves, curry leaves, water and salt as per taste.

How to make arbi leaves chutney
Wash and clean the arbi leaves. Then cut it and make it smaller. Keep it so fine that the leaves get cooked easily. Now put a large-sized vessel on the gas and pour water in it. In this water, add two to three kernels of tamarind, powdered jaggery, red chili powder, and salt as per taste.


Let it cook for at least ten minutes. Then leave it like that. When the leaves change color, then the leaves are ripe. Turn off the gas and let it cool. Put the chilled leaves and all the mixture in a mixer. Also, add coconut. Now grind all these things. See that it becomes like chutney. Now add the tempering to this chutney. For tempering, heat a pan and add oil to it. When the oil becomes hot, add urad dal to it. Fry it and add curry leaves and garlic to it. When everything becomes crispy, pour chutney over this tempering. Chutney is ready. Serve it with food.