Apple Custard Recipe: Children do not like to eat apples, so make apple's special custard


If you want to make something special for children, then you can make apple custard for children, which children will like very much. Children will like this very much.

Ingredients for making Apple Custard-

Apple 1

Custard Powder 1/4 cup

Milk 1/2 liter

Sugar 1/4 cup


First, you take milk and custard powder to make it,

then mix both of you well,

now put milk in a vessel and boil it, while boiling you can add custard powder to the milk, now you keep stirring

well and all Mix the ingredients, then put sugar in it and turn off the gas, the custard is ready, keep it in the fridge to cool down, now you peel the apple and cut it and then mix it.