Ankita Lokhande makes skin glowing with home remedies, never forget to keep this thing in a purse


Ankita Lokhande often shares pictures without makeup on her Instagram account. Her glowing skin is seen separately in the pictures. If you also want to make your skin glow like Ankita, then here’s her beauty secret.

One who makes his mark in the house to house with holy relationship Ankita Lokhande, Ankita LokhandeOnce upon a time she was known for her simplicity, but now she has completely changed. She has become completely glamorous. But the glow of his skin is not hidden from anyone. Ankita often shares pictures without makeup on her Instagram account. Ankit prefers to use home remedies instead of external products to keep her skin healthy. Let us tell you the secret of Ankita Lokhande’s glowing skin.

Milk and honey mixture

To make the skin healthy, it is most important to keep the skin clean and hydrated, Ankita takes good care of this. Whenever Ankita is in the house, she applies a mixture of milk and honey to the skin as skincare. Milk contains collagen protein which helps to keep your skin young. Apart from this, milk also works to clean the skin. On the other hand, honey works to keep your skin hydrated. In addition, anti-aging properties are also found in honey. Apart from this, she likes to use mostly natural things on the skin.

Always keep one thing in your purse

Ankita always keeps one thing in her purse, which is rose water. She uses it on her skin from time to time. Due to this, his skin always stays hydrated. In addition, it also moisturizes the skin. Ankita says that she also likes the scent of rose water.

Start the morning with a detox drink

Ankita starts the morning with a detox drink. After waking up, she drinks hot water mixed with lemon and honey. Due to this, the harmful elements of their body come out, as well as their skin also gets detoxified. Apart from this, she avoids eating too much oil and spicy food.

Workout is also part of the routine

Whenever Ankita gets time, she does workouts for an hour. Ankita believes that workouts not only improve your health but also make your skin healthy. Ankita believes that to look beautiful, it is very important for you to be happy from the inside. To keep herself happy, she does dance, etc., which she likes.