Amla for Hair: Amla is beneficial for hair in many ways! Click here to know how to use


Amla is considered beneficial for health in many ways. Actually, along with having vitamin C, it also has many other properties like antibacterial properties, which are very beneficial for eyes, hair, and skin. 

However, it is considered particularly beneficial for hair. Actually, gooseberry has those nutritious properties that strengthen the hair by nourishing the roots, which reduces hair fall. So today in this article we are going to tell you about the benefits and uses of gooseberry for hair, so let's know-

Most people are troubled by the problem of dandruff occurring in the hair. To avoid this problem of dandruff, gooseberry oil can be used, which is very beneficial. For this, always massage the scalp with amla oil one hour before washing the hair, then wash the hair with a good mild shampoo. With this, the problem of dandruff will go away within two weeks. 

Amla powder can be used to make hair shiny. For this, mix amla powder in curd. Now prepare a fine paste of it and apply it to the hair. This gives life to the hair and makes it healthy and shiny. Amla powder can be used twice a week.