Amazon Sale: Amazon Prime Day Sale is starting from 23rd July, Know how to do safe shopping.....


Amazon Prime Day Sale 2022 is going to start on 23rd July. This two-day sale is held every year. In this eCommerce sale, users get the benefit of the best deals, discounts, and cashback. During this sale, great discounts are available on smartphones, feature phones, laptops, and other electronics items. Amazon has already announced that there are going to be a lot of discounts on this sale. In such a situation, most people are very excited about the discount available on the sale. But we are also giving you such information that what things should be taken care of before purchasing this sale.


Amazon deals are better
Please inform us that the page of Amazon Prime has come to the fore. In this, such deals have been selected, which look attractive in themselves. But it does not mention the price etc. During this sale, you can buy bags, electronics goods, and home appliances with discounts and cashback, etc.

1. List the essentials
Before doing any online shopping, make a list of what you want to buy. Make a budget considering the need. While making the budget, also keep in mind whether the same price on that item is in your budget or not. Many times people buy some things when they get good deals, which they should not buy.

2. Select the payment method first
You and I make a mistake. First of all, we should select the payment method. If you want to take the goods in EMI, then check in advance whether the items given on the website have an EMI option or not. That is, whether the EMI option is activated on the credit card or debit card, it should be checked. If you have to pay with Amazon Pay, then understand this condition very well. So that you do not have to pay more for the goods.

3. Choose the Right Vendor
If you have liked an item very much, then also check who will give that item to you. This means that you are buying goods from the Amazon platform, but who is selling the goods. What is his company? If you know about the company, then buy blindly. If you do not know about that company then here you need to be alert. First, read the review of that company. Read comments etc. Only then shop the goods.

4. Check whether the product is new or used
Many times you get the old model selected. Later it turns out that the item you have ordered is of a very old model. For this, you have to research your product before buying the goods. Go to another website to see how much that item is being found and how old that item is.


5. Don't hesitate to complain
You have purchased in Amazon Sale. If the wrong product is delivered to you, you can easily replace it. Amazon's customer care is very active in these matters. You can complain about sending the wrong goods through social media and mobile apps. The customer care number is also given on the website. Apart from this, you can do any kind of complaint. There is better one line for this that everyone knows, 'Jago Grahak Jago'. Buy only with this in mind.