Amazing Uses of Used Tea Leaves: - Do not throw used tea leaves as a bad idea, they can handle your 5 important household chores


You probably do not need to tell me about how much tea is used in India. If you were asked how many cups of tea you drink every day, what would be your answer? An average Indian drinks only two cups of tea a day. In such a situation, how much damage is done to the tea leaves? What we throw away as waste is very useful and many of your household chores can be done easily through it. 

If you do not know how to use tea leaves, then we tell you about it. 

1. Make deodorizer from used tea leaves-

If any part of your house smells too much or if the problem of dampness is bothering you more during the monsoon time, then you can use used tea leaves. You might not know, but tea leaves can act as a very good deodorizer. 

What to do?

  • First of all, dry the wet tea leaves by putting kitchen tissue n a plate. 
  • When it dries well, keep it tied in a muslin or cotton cloth. 
  • Now put a few drops of essential oil with fragrance in this bag. 
  • Put it wherever it smells. Tea leaves will be very useful. 

2. Use tea leaves for cleaning-

You can use the remaining tea leaves for cleaning as they can prove to be very good for removing greasiness from any surface. 

What to do?

Dry it first. 

After this, whatever thing you want to clean like chopping board, dirty dishes, windows etc., put it there and rub it with a cloth or scrubber. This can be of great use for cleaning utensils.  

3. Use tea leaves for gardening- 

Maybe you do not know, but tea leaves can also be used for gardening. This can make a very good fertilizer. You can also use it dry or without drying, just keep in mind that if you add too much sugar, it can also damage the roots of the plants.  

You dry the used tea leaves (without sugar) and put them near the soil of the plants, it is helpful to save weeds. 

If you are fond of making compost, then this can be used. 

The water of boiled tea leaves can be cooled and given to the plants. Due to this, their growth is very good.  


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