Amarnath Yatra2022:- Before going on AmarnathYatra, you should also prepare these things, there will be no problem


Amarnath yatra is a very sacred pilgrimage of Hinduism. Every year around lakhs of devotees from India reach for AmarnathDarshan. Amarnath Yatra was closed for the last 2 years due to Covid-19. This year it is going to start from 30th June till 11th August i.e. Rakshabandhan. This journey is going to last for about 43 days. The devotees who are about to go on the yatra must have already registered and got ready to go.

In such a situation, if you are also going to go on a journey, then you should also pay attention to some things, because you may have to face many such difficulties in the journey, which you will not even be aware of. Let us know what things you need to pay attention to before the Amarnath yatra.

Take care of fitness 

It is very important to take care of fitness before going on AmarnathYatra because during the journey one has to walk on high mountains and flat and rough roads. In such a situation, if there is a slight problem regarding fitness, then you can get into trouble. Therefore, before the journey, walk about 4 to 5 kilometers every day. Along with walking, do breathing exercises as well. Do not take small children, pregnant and elderly people on the journey.

How to pack clothes for travel?

When people go on a religious journey in India, they travel wearing traditional clothes. But in AmarnathYatra, you should avoid wearing heavy clothes. For travel, you should choose such clothes, which can easily be worn on inaccessible climbs. Apart from this, do not go out wearing slippers or heels, etc. in footwear. You also went for the journey wearing trekking shoes.

Watch the weather

If you are going to travel in July or August, then let us tell you that this time is rainy. You may have to face rain at many places during this time travel. Be sure to keep weather information with you before travelling. Take out for the trip with some warm clothes as well as a raincoat, and a waterproof bag. 

Don't forget to bring some essentials 

Before going on AmarnathYatra, you must take some things with you. For example, keep medicine for body aches, headache, leg pain, cold and fever etc. with you. Apart from this, go out with some fast food. You can also keep some energy drinks with you for the trip. 

Travel in group 

Yes, if you are going out for AmarnathYatra, then you should not go alone. Try that you go out in a group for the trip. Even if something happens, your friends can help you.

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