Always remember these things, the relationship will never break!


Any relationship is based on mutual understanding and understanding, even if it is a relationship between husband and wife. Because this is a relationship that does not take much time to break down. 


But, if you want, you can play it longer than you think. Because, not only do you get to see ups and downs in every relationship, in such a situation, below are some tips through which you can be successful in making your relationship last, which include the following things. 

Mutual consent is necessary

Nowadays more fights take place on this matter because mutual consent of each other is not possible. In such a situation, it is very important that you understand each other's points very well and take decisions together. This will not only strengthen the relationship between you two but there will also be no fighting.

Do not find faults

Often one of the biggest reasons for the fight between husband and wife is when both start finding faults in each other. Apart from this, don't forget to compare your husband's personality and work with any of your friends or your brother as it can lead to rifts in the relationship.

Give them time

If your partner needs time for himself, such as spending some time alone with friends, don't hold back. Because it can hurt them a lot and they can feel bound after marriage.


Take out time for each other 

Most of the fights are due to not giving time to each other. Because, before marriage, people used to find excuses to meet, but when they are nearby, no one gets time from office or household chores. In such a situation, fights start between the two. In such a situation, both of them must take time for each other to make the relationship last for a long time.