Alum Vastu Tips: You can remove these problems immediately with alum remedies, know here...


Fitkari Vastu Tips: In Vastu Shastra, some things used in everyday life have been considered very important. For example, salt, turmeric, alum, etc. These seemingly ordinary things have the power to remove many types of Vastu defects and problems of life. Today we are going to tell you about some Vastu remedies related to alum, using which you can not only stop the entry of negative energy from the house but also improve your financial condition, improve health and get mental peace. Let us know how the Vastu defect of the house can be removed with alum.


Some Vastu Remedies related to Alum
-If there is a steady decline in the income of the members living in your house or if there is any obstacle in economic progress, then take a bath by putting a little piece of alum in the bath water for monetary gains and progress. By doing this the obstacles coming to economic progress will be removed and money will also be a benefit. Apart from this, taking a bath with alum device water will also get rid of skin-related diseases.

-If you have small children in the house and they often cry during the night, then they may be affected by negative energy, in such a situation it would be appropriate to keep a piece of alum under the sleeping bed of the child.

-If there is any Vastu-related defect in your house, then to eliminate the effect of this defect, keep some alum pieces in a bowl in the corner of the house. Keep in mind that wherever you keep a bowl full of alum, people's eyes are less at that place. With this remedy of alum, Vastu defects and all kinds of negative energy will run away from the house in a few days. The bowl filled with alum has to be changed from time to time.

-If some member in your house is always sick then it could be due to the presence of negative energy in your house. To remove this defect, put alum in the water while wiping the house. With this remedy, the members of the household will fall less ill and their financial condition will also start getting better.


-If the progress in business is slow or if the job is not getting progressing, then tie a piece of alum in a red cloth and hang it on the main door. You will get a lot of benefits from this remedy of alum.

-If there is often a fight between the members of your house about what, then to remove this defect, keep alum in a glass bowl near the window. By doing this negative energy will not come at home.

-Those who have a high debt burden and want to get rid of it on time, then put vermilion in alum and wrap a betel leaf with it and keep it under a Peepal tree with Rakshasutra on Wednesday. With this remedy of alum, you will soon be free from the burden of debt.