Alum Benefits: Mixing this oil with alum gives many benefits to the skin, know here...


If you rely on home remedies to improve the skin, then alum can help you. Applying alum water to the skin causes many problems. On the other hand, applying alum mixed with coconut oil reduces skin as well as hair problems. If the signs of aging have started appearing on the skin before time and the dead skin tanning is making the skin glow, then mixing coconut oil with camphor gets rid of all these problems. So let's learn how to apply coconut oil and alum.


Apply alum and coconut oil in this way
-After lukewarm the coconut oil, add alum powder to it. Now apply this mixture to the face and leave it. After about half an hour, clean the skin. If you are using it to remove dead skin, then massage it with light hands. So that all the dead skin gets removed. At the same time, apply coconut oil and alum powder to the hair and leave it on the scalp. Wash your hair with shampoo after about half an hour. You can see the difference by applying this mixture two to three times a week.

-If there is tanning on the face and hands and feet and the skin tone has faded due to dead skin, then applying a mixture of coconut oil and alum powder will make a difference.

-Dandruff in the hair causes a lot of hair fall. At the same time, itching and burning in the scalp also bother. If there are such problems in the hair. So mix coconut oil and alum and apply them to the hair. Then wash the hair with shampoo after about an hour. This stops hair fall and makes new hair grow faster.


-Many times, due to aging on the face, freckles and pigmentation start happening. If this is happening with you, then mix alum with coconut oil and apply it to the face. It moisturizes the skin and gets rid of pigmentation as well as tanning.