Alert: Not only Covid-19, it can also be due to fever in these days, know how to differentiate symptoms


Corona virus infection has affected our health in many ways. All the variants that have come up so far have affected the respiratory tract, due to which problems like flu-like symptoms, fever, cough and cold have been seen in people. At the same time, in some of the recently revealed variants, along with respiration, the effect is being seen on the stomach and other organs. Mild fever with persistent cough and sore throat has been considered an early symptom of COVID-19. However, having a fever does not always mean that you have got Covid-19. According to health experts, it is the summer season in which you may also have fever problems due to strong sunlight and heat, so it is very important to properly diagnose the symptoms and identify Covid-19.


Experts say, apart from corona infection, people can also have fever problems in many other health conditions. Mild fever has been reported in cases of corona infection, in which the infected may experience a body temperature between 100.4 and 102.2 degrees Fahrenheit for a few days. Feeling a mild fever every time is not a cause for concern, it is important that you recognize its true causes in time. Let us know about this in further detail.

Fever problem in covid-19
Fever is considered one of the common symptoms during corona infection, although it is also not necessary that the infected have fever every time. In asymptomatic patients, infection is diagnosed even without fever. In cases of Covid-19, most people may have problems like mild fever, cold-runny nose, weakness. If these symptoms persist, then definitely consult a specialist about this.

Fever due to change in weather
The summer season is going on in the country at present, in which even with the increase in the temperature of the atmosphere, some people are at risk of getting seasonal fever. Apart from this, the problem of fever is also seen due to heatstroke. However, it is worth noting that in this condition, the symptoms of high fever are felt, closer to 105°F. Apart from this, there may also be a problem of headache, dehydration, which is not there in Kovid-19. Based on such symptoms, you can differentiate between seasonal fever and Covid-19.


Chickenpox problem
In the early days of summer, especially in children, there is a risk of chickenpox infection. Children who have not been vaccinated for chickenpox may also develop high fever. Apart from fever, there is also a problem of skin rash or watery blisters, itching, redness, weakness. There are no cases of blisters or high fever in Covid-19, so it can be easily differentiated. Chickenpox infection resolves on its own in a few days.