Agra Street Foods: If you go to Agra, then definitely enjoy these delicious and famous street foods.


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Agra Street Foods: Agra is famous all over the world for the beautiful Taj Mahal. Apart from this, the street foods of Agra are also very famous. Apart from the sweet of Agra Petha, you can also enjoy many other delicious street foods here.

Agra (AgraNot only famous for the beautiful Taj Mahal but it is also known for many delicious dishes. Many people must have heard about the sweets of Petha of Agra. but do you (Street FoodsKnow of other famous street foods of Agra? Here are some famous street foods of Agra. If you plan to visit Agra (Agra Street Foods), then you must try these foods. These are very tasty street foods. They attract tourists to themselves. Let’s know which are the famous street foods of Agra.

Agra’s Petha

If you have gone to visit Agra and you have not eaten Petha sweets, then your journey is incomplete. Petha sweets of Agra are very famous. It is made from gourd or pumpkin. You can enjoy it in many varieties. It includes many varieties from saffron to paan. This sweet is very tasty.

Agra ka Bhalla

Bhalla is one of the best street food in Agra. These are very tasty. In the evening, you can eat this delicious street food at the chaat stall on the street corner. Bhalle in the form of Aloo Tikki is served with sweet, spicy chutney or with chickpea curry.

Agra Ka Bedai

This is a famous breakfast in Agra. This is a kind of kachori. It is served hot with spicy potato gravy. Its sweet and pungent taste is very much liked. It is also served with curd in many parts of Agra.

Agra’s Dalmoth

This is a delicious snack. It is made from dry fruits, spices, and fried lentils. If you like to eat a spicy or spicy snack then you can enjoy this snack. It is served with a variety of drinks.

Jalebis of Agra

If you go to Agra, then definitely enjoy the hot jalebis here. They are very crispy and delicious.

Shaurma of Agra

The Shaurma of Agra is also very famous. Chicken stuffed roll is served with green chutney. It is very tasty. You will feel satisfied after eating it. This roll tastes even more delicious with mayonnaise. You must try it in Agra.