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To prove something means to produce miraculous qualities in that object or thing.

Achieving accomplishment is not an easy task. The way to achieve accomplishment is very difficult. In this work, with hard work, the body and mind heat up and after a time, if everything is right, accomplishments are attained.

Once the accomplishment is achieved, by following the instructions given, that accomplishment increases and becomes stronger day by day.

But this accomplishment is not easily attained. For this, the pain that one has to go through, the sacrifice and sacrifice that has to be made, is difficult to do by an ordinary person.

So let's know what are the ways to achieve accomplishment.


1. Mantra Siddhi

Mantra Siddhi has a special significance in Indian society. That's why our ancestors used to chant mantras for most of their accomplishments and used to get accomplishments. Mantra is a summary of many powerful words, in which there is a collection of more expressions in fewer words. Mantra power has a special effect. That is why even today this method is used the most to achieve accomplishment. Most of this accomplishment was used by Sanskrit scholars, Brahmins, and highly educated people. Since the mantra is in Sanskrit, its meaning is not understood by the people, therefore, due to mistakes in pronunciation, its meaning changes and it does not give the right result or accomplishment. Mantra Siddhi is getting extinct now.

2. Yoga Siddhi

The farthest place after the mantra is that of yoga. Our ancient sages, sages, and gods used this siddhi to achieve their accomplishments and infuse miraculous qualities within themselves. There are many proofs of Yoga Siddhi in India. Due to this Yoga Siddhi, the people of ancient times who lived 200-300 years used to disappear and used to curse with water and get many other things from this siddhi and hence used to spend most of the time in yoga.

3. Gyan Siddhi

After yoga, comes the third attainment of knowledge. This is a special type of accomplishment, in which the correct knowledge and knowledge of things are used to prove things. This kind of accomplishment was often achieved by the kings because the work of the king was very much. That's why neither they could chant mantras like a Brahmin nor could they achieve siddhi by doing yoga-like sages and sages. Therefore, the kings were given the accomplishment of knowledge in education by their gurus. Whose knowledge and practice was used to grow up and this knowledge was used in the field of accomplishment of war and duel. The fire arrow, Ram arrow, Brahman arrow, and many other things which do miracles to the arrow, are the form of attainment of knowledge.

4. Boon Siddhi

The fourth siddhi is boon siddhi! It is such an accomplishment, which is given with pleasure, as a gift, or in return for a favor. This type of accomplishment was very much in vogue in ancient times. In return for Gurudeva, public service, or any sage's help, favor, and debt, a brilliant person who already attains accomplishment. He used to give such siddhi to the person in front of the boon, due to which miraculous qualities came in the common man. This kind of accomplishment was heard in the ancient story.


5. Black Magic

The accomplishment of black magic is considered to be the following type of accomplishment because this accomplishment is always achieved by harming or sacrificing someone. This kind of accomplishment is not seen on good terms in society. This kind of accomplishment is tantric. People like Aghori, and Tonhi do. Such accomplishment causes harm and loss to the people of the society. It is an accomplishment achieved for personal selfishness. In earlier times, the method of attaining these accomplishments was adopted and miracles were created in the surroundings as well.