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Shravan month is considered to be the most auspicious month in the Hindu community. During the month of Shravan, devotees pray to Lord Shiva for good health and fortune. Fasting during this month pleases Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, who bless their devotees with a peaceful and prosperous life.


Shravan also marks the beginning of the 'Kavand Yatra' or 'Kaudi Yatra', in which Shiva devotees travel to the Abhistha Shivpeeth carrying loads of water. The word 'Kaudi' means the journey of the devotees carrying water where they are not allowed to let the water pot touch the ground as it is considered a sin.

It is believed that Bholenath is pleased by going on this yatra and offering water to the Shiva Linga, who showers his blessings and fulfills your wishes. Since it is an important part of Shravan month, many rules are followed during this time. Devotees go barefoot to Lord Shiva's court to fulfill their wishes in the month of Shravan. However, 'Kaudiyas' (pilgrims) must follow several rules during this time. There are a total of 8 such rules that must be followed:

  • If you are resting somewhere during the Kaudiya Yatra, then keep the pot away from touching the ground. Instead, hang it somewhere so that it doesn't come into contact with the ground. If the pitcher comes in contact with the ground, it should be refilled with water.
  • The cows should not eat non-vegetarian food during the journey. If you are fasting, you can wash the fruit thoroughly and eat it on the way. Drink only pure water.
  • Use only pure river water to fill the pitcher. Also, you can fill it with pure well water. However, water from the pond is not allowed as it tends to be contaminated. Also, you can use rainwater.
  • One should not consume any intoxicating substance like ganja, alcohol, cigarettes, etc. during the Kaudiya Yatra.
  • Do this journey on foot only. Just walk from start to finish of the journey. You can travel by vehicle after the journey is over or before it starts.


  • If you are planning this trip, you should first understand why you are doing this. If you believe in Lord Shiva, then you must complete this journey with devotion. Mahadev's grace can be obtained by pure devotion.
  • Take care of your body while traveling. Drink only clean water. Relax in a clean environment.