After all, why is white paint done on the trees on the roadside? Click here to know the reason


You must have seen the white color on the trees on the side of the road. After this, questions must be arising in your mind for what reason are the trees painted white?

Today we are going to answer this question of yours. There is also a scientific reason for the white color of the trees. Lime is used to color trees. Spraying with lime does not kill insects or termites in the trees. 

This increases the age of the tree. Lime protects the outer layer of the tree. According to experts, the bark of the tree does not crack easily due to the application of lime on the tree. 

According to research from Cornell University, white color protects the new shoots of trees that are damaged by the sun's rays. At the same time, the white color on the trees is also helpful in showing the way to the people at night.