After all, why girls do not go to the temple during periods, know here!


Everyone is well aware of the fact that during periods, women are forbidden to do any auspicious work. Even women are not able to go to the temple. Because these days they are considered impure. This thing is not limited to Hinduism only, but all religions have the same things related to it.

Let us know why girls do not go to the temple during periods –

Friends, according to legend, it is said that when Yudhishthira had lost everything in gambling, Dushasan went to his room to pick up Draupadi. In those days, Draupadi's menstrual cycle was going on, due to which Draupadi was living in a different room instead of in her own room. And she too was wearing only one garment. This information proves the fact that the practice of women being considered impure during menstruation has been going on since ancient times.


Menstruation is the atonement for the sins of Indradev?

This is a very interesting mythological story related to menstruation. It has been told in the Bhagwat Katha that once Lord Brihaspati, the guru of the gods, became very angry with Indradev. And after this, the Asuras attacked Devlok and took control there. Lord Indra had to leave his palace. Indra dev went to Brahma Ji for help. As a solution, Brahma Ji told Lord Indra that he should serve one theologian, so that Brihaspati, the master of the gods, could be pleased.

According to the instructions of Brahma Ji, Indradev started serving as a theologian. It is said that the mother of that theologian was an asura. For this reason, there was a special place in his mind for the Asuras too. And it is said that the material of Havan, which is offered to the gods, was engaged in offering it to the Asuras. Seeing this, Indra dev got very angry and he got angry and killed that theologian.

Indra dev had accepted that theologian as his guru, so the sin of killing Brahma was imposed on him. And in the guise of a demonic fell behind Indradev. To get rid of this sin, Indradev hid inside a flower. And continued to do penance of Vishnudev for one lakh years. Indra dev got freedom from that demonic by getting the grace of Lord Vishnu. But the sin of killing Brahma was still on Indra's head.

In order to erase this sin of his and to get back Indraloka, Indra Dev favored sharing a little part of the sin with water, tree, land, and woman. For which everyone got ready. But everyone put a condition that in return they should also get something in the form of a boon. First of all, the king of trees took one-fourth of the sin of Indra Dev. Because of this the trunks of trees always remain in the relationship. And the trees were given a boon by Indradev that the trees would be able to revive themselves.

Water also took some part of the sin from Indradev. For this reason, the foam that forms in the water is considered impure. Lord Indra Dev gave a boon to water that everything would become pure with water.


Now it was the turn of the earth. Due to sharing the sins of Indra, many of the earth became barren. Indra Dev gave a boon that any kind of injury on the earth will always be filled.

Now it's the turn of the women. Due to taking the remaining sin of Indra Dev, women menstruate every month as a form of repentance. In return, Indradev gave a boon to women that women will always enjoy work more than men. This means that on the days when women are menstruating, they are going through the sin of killing Brahma. It is a sin to kill a lost guru. And it is impossible to meet God without Guru. That's why women are not allowed to go to the temple during their periods.