Affordable markets of Delhi:- Everything from clothes to makeup items are available in this market, very cheap.


Many areas in North Delhi are very famous. Especially Kamla Nagar, Civil Lines and Mall Road area are very popular. The market of Kamla Nagar has also considered very rich and most women's goods are available here. Timarpur area is connected to this area. Although this area is not very famous, every Wednesday a market is held here, which is called Budh Market. 

This Budh Market in this area is very popular among women. Here all the goods related to women are available and that too at very cheap prices. Today we will give you complete information about this market. 

How to reach this market 

To reach Budh Market in Timarpur, you have to reach Civil Lines before the Yellow Line of Delhi Metro. From here you can reach Budh Market of Timarpur with the help of an e-rickshaw. Here you can also reach by auto from any corner of Delhi. Do not come here in your car on Wednesday because it is very crowded here. 

What to buy from this market 

You can also buy Salwar Suit Pieces, Banana Salwar Suits, Sarees and Western Tops from this market. Not only this, but you will also find bangles, bindi, jewellery, purses and other accessories here. Here you will get clothes as well as makeup items for very cheap. Here you will also find fancy hair accessories. You can also buy cheap shoes and slippers from here. 

The right time to go 

Although this market starts from 4 in the evening and continues till 10 at the night, if you want to avoid the crowd, then you should come between 6 and 7 in the evening. At this time there arefewer crowds here but there is less chance of bargaining in the price of goods. 

Is this market cheap or expensive? 

The market in Timarpur is very cheap. Here only the shopkeepers of Kamla Nagar market set up the stalls and keep those goods, which are saved or become old, but the trend does not end. In such a situation, you get very good stuff in this Mercury market and if you come late in the evening, then you can negotiate well. 


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