According to Vastu, the dining table should be kept in this direction, click to know!


Food is eaten by every human being, food is not only for filling the stomach but also affects the health as well as the mind and brain. According to Vastu Shastra, food can be beneficial for your health only when it is eaten sitting in the right direction. Direction has special importance in Vastu Shastra. Vastu Shastra gives guidelines for the interior of the house, kitchen, bedroom, living room, and bathroom. Along with this, the direction and location of small items kept in the house are also mentioned in Vastu.

If you arrange things according to Vastu in the house then all your problems can be solved. The direction of placing the dining table is also mentioned in Vastu Shastra. What is the right direction to place a dining table?

This is the perfect direction for the dining table-

People buy dining tables and place them anywhere, which is wrong from the point of view of Vastu. The dining table is also considered important because all the members of the family sit together and eat at it. This increases mutual love. Therefore, the dining table placed in the wrong direction has a direct effect on the people of the house.

According to Vastu Shastra, the west direction of the house is considered to be the best for the dining table. Along with this, you can also keep the dining table in the southeast direction. Also, when the whole family eats together, keep in mind that the head of the household should not face the southwest direction while eating. Also, never keep the dining table in the southwest direction.


Dining table related to food and money-

Do not think of the dining table as just a place to eat, it is associated with the happiness and prosperity of the house, so along with giving the right direction, remember that the dining table should never be left untidy. After eating food, remove dirty utensils immediately, and clean them.

The utensils placed on the dining table affect the wealth of the house. Mother Annapurna is pleased by keeping the dining table clean. According to Vastu, always keep a pot or bottle of water on the dining table. With this, by the grace of Mother Annapurna, there is never any shortage of food in the house.