According to Vastu, keep drinking water at this place in the house


1. The place of keeping the pot of drinking water in the kitchen of the house is in the north, north-east, or east. Keep the filter machine etc. in the east or east-north corner.


2. If you are planning to install an underground tank, boring, or hand pump, then put it in the north, north, or east direction only.

3. There should not be a well or tube well in the south-east, north-west, or south-west angles.

4. The sending pump to supply water to the water tank located on the top roof should also be in the above-mentioned direction.

5. Overhead tank should be between north and west angles. The top of the tank should be round.

6. If you already have an old time well, tubewell in the opposite direction in your house, then fill it or do not use it.

7. If water keeps dripping from the tap of the house, then there will be an economic loss.


8. In whose house the drainage of water is in the south or west direction, they have to deal with financial problems. The drainage of water in the north and east direction is considered auspicious from an economic point of view.

9. Bathroom should also be in the right direction in the house. If it is in the east then it is considered auspicious.

10. Keeping the washroom wet is not good for the economic condition. After use, try drying it with a cloth.

11. Drinking water should be kept in brass, copper, or earthen pots only. It is harmful in iron, steel, plastic, etc.