7-Day GM Diet Plan For Weight Loss: Click here to know what it is and you should do it!


The GM Diet Plan is a seven-day weight loss plan that aims to help you lose weight quickly and effectively. The diet plan is based on the concept of eliminating food items from the diet and eating only low calorie foods. The diet is divided into seven days, each with its own set of food items.

The GM diet plan works by reducing your caloric intake below maintenance, which causes your body to go into deficit and start losing weight. The first day of the diet plan is dedicated to eating only fruits, the second to eat vegetables, the third to eat a combination of fruits and vegetables, the fourth to eat bananas and milk, the fifth to eat beef and tomatoes, the sixth to vegetables and brown Eating rice, and eating seventh fruit and brown rice.

7-Day GM Diet Plan

Day 1: Fruits only

Tell me, eat any fruit that you like but avoid bananas and mangoes. The plan recommends eating melons, which are essentially low-calorie and low-carb fruits, to help you lose weight more effectively.

Day 2: Vegetables only

Boiled or raw, any type of vegetable and quantity as per your choice.

Day 3: Vegetables Combination Fruits

Let us tell you, the third day is a combination of the first two days, which includes fruits and vegetables in whatever form you prefer.

Day 4: Banana and Milk

The fourth day consists of six big or eight small bananas and three glasses of milk. Notably, the diet encourages the consumption of skim milk but does not prohibit the consumption of whole or 2 percent milk.

Day 5: Protein intake begins

Day five is when you start consuming proteins like beef, chicken or fish. Apart from meat, you can eat up to six tomatoes, wonder soup and power soup.

Day 6: Protein and vegetables

Any meat, beef, chicken, or fish, plus an unlimited supply of vegetables.

Day 7: Start solids

It is recommended to start your day with juices and then gradually add solid foods like brown rice and vegetables.


Should you follow it?

GM diet is a quick way to lose weight and get rid of all the unwanted water from the body. The GM diet is a calorie-restricted diet, and when you return to normal dieting, you gain the weight back. Surviving on fruits and vegetables for a day requires dedication. So, before starting this diet, do the absolute best you can and consult an expert.