5G Update: Change this setting of your phone, and you will get high-speed..


If you are also troubled by slow internet then this news is useful for you. We will tell you how to increase the speed of the 5G network in smartphones. If your internet is running slow then first check the settings of the phone. 


Go to network settings in the phone's settings and select the preferred type of network as 5G or Auto. Apart from this, also check the Access Point Network (APN) setting in the network settings, because having the correct APN is important for speed. Go to the APN Settings menu and set the setting to default. Apart from this, keep an eye on the social media present on the phone. 


Apps like Facebook, X, and Instagram reduce speed and also consume more data. Go to their settings and turn off auto-play video. If you are not getting speed even after doing everything, then reset your phone's network settings. There is every possibility of getting good speed on the default network settings.

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