5 'home remedies' of grandmothers whose logic is also accepted by medical science

Home Remedies

Doctors also consider these 'home remedies to be adopted in almost every household in India.

In India, along with scientific treatment, 'home remedies' of grandmothers are also adopted in large quantities. The initial treatment of any minor physical problem in the country is done with home remedies only. Whether it is cold, cough, cold or headache, stomach pain, eye pain, or ear pain, the initial treatment of all these is also done with home remedies. We fix every minor health problem with home remedies. People go to the doctor only when the pain increases. In India, 'home remedies' are adopted in almost every household. Doctors also consider these home remedies to be very effective. 

So let's know, what are those 'home remedies' that medical science also considers- 

1- Benefits of a pinch of turmeric in milk

Turmeric is considered very beneficial not only in the Vedas but also in medical science. If the name of the oldest or most common home remedy is taken, then the name of turmeric milk will be at the top. Indian mothers still do not forget to feed their baby turmeric milk before sleeping. Mixing a pinch of turmeric in hot milk, all the tiredness and pain of the body disappears in no time. Turmeric has also been used as an antiseptic. By applying turmeric ointment on any kind of injury or wound, it gets cured quickly.

Milk Ginger

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Why is turmeric so beneficial?

Turmeric contains curcumin, which is a powerful antioxidant. This is the reason why it is such a useful thing. When we consume it, it eliminates the free radicals of the body. As a result, our immunity system gets strengthened. Not only this, after mixing it in milk, it becomes even more beneficial.

2- Cough disappears with the use of ginger and honey

Ginger is also considered very beneficial like turmeric. 1 cup of tea made from ginger acts as an elixir in headaches. Apart from this, ginger is also helpful in curing the problems of cold, cough to a great extent. Not only this, but ginger is also famous for eliminating phlegm. Boil ginger in water and add a little honey to it and drink it, problems related to phlegm and throat are removed in a pinch. Consuming ginger with honey also gives great relief to throat irritation.


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Importance of ginger and honey in medical science

Antioxidants are present in ginger, which gives relief in pain. Such diseases as orthopedics arthritis and Arthraytis for honey and ginger are considered to be extremely beneficial. However, people suffering from diabetes should be careful while taking it. This is because the amount of honey in excess can be harmful to them. So they should be careful in its use.

3- Makes mustard oil strong from inside

Mustard oil is still used in large quantities in rural areas of India. Even today in rural areas mothers massage their children with mustard oil. The custom of massaging a child with mustard oil has been going on for years in Indian homes. Due to this, the muscles and bones of the children develop and they become strong. Mustard oil is hot. Massaging the baby with this opens the pores of his body and the skin remains soft. Not only this, with a good massage, the blood circulation of the child's body also remains fine.


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Why is mustard oil so effective?

From the point of view of medical science, omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids are present in mustard oil. Apart from this, Vitamin E is found in sufficient quantity. Vitamins such as thiamine, folate, and niacin present in mustard oil increase the body's metabolism, which helps in weight loss. Mustard oil is especially beneficial for people suffering from asthma. An adequate amount of magnesium is found in mustard, which is especially beneficial for asthma patients. It can be used even when it is cold.

4- 'Lavender Oil' for Migraine and Anxiety

Migraine and anxiety have become a common problem among working professionals in India today. If you also come home tired from work or office and are experiencing severe headache, migration attack, feeling restless or anxious, then, in this case, smelling Lavender Oil (Lavender Oil) may ease your discomfort. can. It has also been proved in studies that drinking 'lavender tea' or smelling a few drops of lavender oil on a handkerchief or tissue paper reduces anxiety. Apart from this, the mind and body are also relaxed and the stress level also decreases.


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Why is lavender oil so beneficial?  

Lavender oil has anti-anxiety and anti-depressant properties. This oil aromatherapy is very effective in reducing migraine headaches. Lavender oil boosts collagen, which helps your wound heal faster. You can also get benefits by applying lavender oil to a fresh wound. It acts as an anti-acne, which gives relief from the problem of acne. If there is a problem of nausea or vomiting in pregnancy and in general. In such a situation, if you take aromatherapy of lavender oil, then you get a lot of relief from it. If the problem of 'Migraine' is big then 'Lavender' cannot be a substitute for medicine. It can only help to reduce the pain for a while, not cure it.

5- Chicken soup and cold 

Everyone's mouth waters when they hear the name of 'Chicken Soup'. This is a recipe that people who love chicken follow with an open heart. Chicken soup is considered very beneficial in a common cold. If you see symptoms of cold, then drink a bowl of hot 'chicken soup', your health will improve. Both the throat and nose are opened by its consumption. Not only this, but it also cures throat irritation. Hot chicken soup also helps in re-hydrating the body.


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What does medical science say about it? 

Medical Science Chicken soup inhibits the movement of neutrophils (a type of white cell) in the body. This does not cause congestion. It also removes the problem of not being able to breathe in a cold. However, keep in mind that if there is no change in these symptoms even after 36 hours, then definitely consult a doctor. This is because sometimes it gives immediate benefits, but not permanent benefits. 

By adopting these tips, you can also become the doctor of your home.