15 died due to heart attack in Chardham Yatra: Heart patients must take care of doctor's advice


Char Dham Yatra 2022: Devotees Dies of Heart Attack: India's Char Dham Yatra is one of the inaccessible and rare Yatra, where lakhs of devotees visit every year. Devotees go through rocky and high rough roads to visit the Char Dham temple situated on the hills. The faith and belief of the devotees is related to the Char Dham Yatra, but due to the difficult way to reach here, many people face problems at the physical level in climbing the Char Dham. Recently many passengers who went on Char Dham Yatra died. The cause of death of the passengers was a heart attack. In six days, 20 pilgrims have died of heart attacks. The lives of sick and elderly pilgrims are also at risk during the journey. Along with weak heart patients, due to many other diseases also, there is a danger to the life of the pilgrims. Know from the expert, which diseases are more prone to pilgrims suffering from the difficult pilgrimage of Char Dham and why is the pilgrimage of Char Dham difficult for heart patients?


Doctor's advice for pilgrims
Dr. Alkesh Jain, Cardiologist, Medanta Hospital, advised that people who are older or have pre-existing heart disease, if they are planning for a holiday at hill station or Char Dham Yatra and at any high altitude. Those going on a religious journey, they should get the necessary health check-up done. Before the journey, go through the heart or whatever heart related tests like blood pressure, sugar checks. Because if the pilgrim has some internal illness and he is more tired during the journey, then the chances of heart attack may increase. In such a situation, before going to these places, go through regular check-up including Eco TMT test, blood test and ECG and keep yourself safe.

When can a heart attack or heart attack occur?
When the blood flow in the veins of the body does not flow smoothly and the blood starts clotting. Due to this, the blood does not reach the heart and at the same time the heart also stops getting oxygen. In this situation a heart attack occurs. Heart attack can be fatal for a person. But with prompt treatment, the patient can be saved.


Due to heart attack
Risk factors for heart attack include diabetes, high blood pressure, being overweight, high cholesterol, low physical activity, stress and anxiety.