​​​​​​​Dry Mouth Problems: Do not ignore the problem of dry mouth, again and again, those who point to these diseases


Dry Mouth Problems: Diabetes hypertension indicates many problems like anemia, and dry mouth, so if you also have this problem often, then do not ignore it. Let us know about it in detail

Dry Mouth Problems: When the salivary glands stop making saliva, then the problem of dry mouth occurs. They are also known as Xerostomia. The production of saliva is a very important process for our body. Saliva works to eliminate the acid made by the bacteria in the teeth so that the teeth do not get worms. Apart from this, it also helps in swallowing food. So if there is a problem with dry mouth, then all these functions are affected.

Dry mouth can be a sign of these diseases

- Diabetes

- Rheumatoid arthritis

- Hypertension

- Anemia

- Parkinson's disease

Causes of dry mouth

Dehydration is a significant cause of dry mouth.

Some allopathic medicines can also be a reason for this.

This problem can occur due to chemotherapy in cancer patients.

This problem also indicates stomach upset.

Symptoms of dry mouth

Although its symptoms are obvious, it is important to keep an eye on some other symptoms, such as-

The odor from the mouth.

Difficulty in chewing and swallowing food.

Very thick saliva.

The problem of getting worms in the teeth.

Loss of taste in the mouth.

Itchy gums and gum disorders.

Preventive measures

Eat fruits and vegetables that contain a lot of water, such as cucumber, cucumber, and watermelon.

Apart from water, keep drinking other liquids, such as curd, buttermilk, and fruit juice, so that there is no problem with dry mouth.

Minimize the consumption of caffeinated things.

Brush your teeth thoroughly after eating anything.

One or two sips of water can be drunk while eating food.

Stay away from tobacco, alcohol, smoking, etc. as much as possible. Due to this, there is a problem of dry mouth, but it is also harmful to health.