Where does so much money come from in IPL, know the earnings of team owners and the complete mathematics of BCCI's model!


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IPL's earnings come from not one or two but many sources. Every move in this game is full of fame and fortune. Simply put, central revenue is the largest part of earnings. There are two things involved in this. First, media rights, and second, title sponsorship rights, from which BCCI and the franchises receive 70% of their profits.

Title Sponsorship

The money from media and digital rights fills the pockets of IPL and BCCI. You can understand this as the price paid by channels to broadcast IPL matches live on IPL TV. Satellite TV channels buy media rights at huge prices. BCCI keeps half of the income from this and distributes the remaining half among all the teams. Sony bought the TV rights for the next 10 years during the first season in 2008 for Rs 8,200 crore. The set proved to be a big gamble for Max, who ended up at a loss. Then from 2018 to 2023, the media rights remained with Star India. This time he is with Mukesh Ambani's Jio Cinema. Mukesh Ambani is expected to earn a good amount from this.

Media and Digital Rights

DLF IPL, Vivo IPL, Tata IPL... all these are title sponsorships. This means adding your name to IPL by paying money. The company that makes the highest bid wins the title sponsorship. That means promoting your brand through cricket. This is the second biggest source of income for IPL. Currently, Tata is the IPL title sponsor. Tata Group has bought the rights to two seasons for Rs 670 crore. Vivo also pays termination fees if its deal is broken midway. In this way, BCCI will earn a total of Rs 1,124 crore in the year 2022-2023. BCCI keeps half of this money with itself and the other half is distributed among the teams.

Commercial ad and kit sponsorship

During a match, when an over ends, there is a short break for advertisements on TV. According to a report, the cost of a 10-second advertisement slot during the match is around Rs 15 lakh. BCCI earns 20 percent of its income from these advertisements during the match. Apart from this, franchises also earn a good amount of money from other sources like local sponsorships, prize money, and selling tickets at the stadium.

Local revenue

Last but not least, there is local revenue, which includes local sponsorships and prize money. Approximately Rs 5 crore is earned from ticket sales during a match. If a match is being held on a team's home ground, the franchise gets 80% of that revenue. Additionally, the more popular a team is locally, the more sponsors it gets locally. Along with the prize money of the championship, the players of the team also have half share and the company keeps the other half.