IPL: If a player does not play even a single match, how much salary does he get? Know here!



IPL is one of the biggest sports leagues in India and we know that this league can make any player a millionaire. In the auction, some young players are bought for lakhs while the bid for some goes for crores. In such a situation, a question must be arising in the minds of people the players who remain sitting on the bench during the entire season, are they paid the full price? Do these players earn lakhs of crores even without playing matches?

The amount of money players receive in IPL depends on how many matches a player is available to play. This means that if a player does not get a chance to play in all eleven matches of the season, sitting on the bench will not affect the amount of money he receives.

For this, players will have to ensure that they join the training camp before the start of the season and are available to play throughout the league. Usually, any team tries to field its best playing eleven, but often the young players waiting for their debut are made to sit on the bench.

Additionally, if a player gets injured during the tournament, they are still paid the full amount, and the cost of their treatment is borne by the franchise. For example, Kane Williamson was injured during the last season and was paid the full amount.