IPL 2024: What did Mahendra Singh Dhoni do that made him apologize, watch the video


Mahendra Singh Dhoni is currently at that stage of his career when thousands of fans come to the stadium to watch his batting. Whatever he does on the field goes viral on social media. But this time he did something outside the field, for which he started apologizing. Dhoni's apology video is currently going viral on social media. The special thing is that Dhoni's behavior has won the hearts of his fans.

Dhoni is seen in a new avatar in IPL 2024. After leaving the captaincy, he adopted an aggressive form. In every match, he has made a rule to send the ball across the boundary line as soon as it comes. He has been hitting a four or a six on the very first ball for the last four matches. Coming against Sunrisers Hyderabad, he also hit a four. At present, he is at that stage of his career when thousands of fans are flocking to the stadium to see him. Whatever he is doing is going viral on social media. Now the video of him apologizing to a player is going viral on social media.

Dhoni's foot accidentally hits a teammate

Many fans are continuously praising Mahendra Singh Dhoni by sharing a video of him. In this viral video, he can be seen talking to someone before the match. During this conversation, a player from the team passes by him. Dhoni is unable to see the fielder and moves his feet back. Due to which his foot accidentally hits that player's foot. 'Mahi' immediately reacts to this and starts apologizing.


Dhoni reacted in the same manner as we start apologizing to God when we commit a mistake unknowingly. Although it was a very small incident, his behavior won the hearts of his fans. Fans are calling him 'Man of Culture'.

Dhoni is not out yet

Chennai's 'Thala' has come to bat 7 times in 9 matches this season, but no bowler has been able to get him out. He returned unbeaten in all seven innings. He also created a new record against Sunrisers Hyderabad. Dhoni became the first player in the history of IPL to be a part of the team for 150 wins. Apart from this, Dhoni has batted at a strike rate of 259 this season, in which he has also hit 8 sixes and 9 fours.