IPL 2024: Preity Zinta will have to accept these 5 truths, how will she win over Mumbai Indians when Shikhar Dhawan is out?


Preity Zinta's team Punjab Kings now faces the challenge of Mumbai Indians. They lost the last match against Rajasthan in the new home ground Mullanpur. And, the road is not easy against Mumbai also. There are 5 big truths behind this, which Preity Zinta will have to accept.

Preity Zinta is the co-owner of Punjab Kings (Photo: PTI)

In the 33rd match of IPL 2024, Punjab Kings face the challenge of Mumbai Indians. The competition is in the house of Punjabis, yet the difficulties are more for them. And, the big reason behind this are 5 truths. These are the truths that Preity Zinta will have to accept with all her heart. He will have to accept these 5 truths that describe the condition of his team. These 5 truths reveal the plight of his team and seem to expose its shortcomings. And, even in such a situation, if Preity Zinta does not accept the shortcomings of her team and tries to overcome them, then it will be like cooking imaginary pulao for her.

The troubles of the Punjab Kings have also increased due to the exclusion of Shikhar Dhawan before the match against Mumbai Indians. The story behind this is related to the first truth related to Punjab Kings. In their new home ground Mullanpur, Punjab Kings had lost the last match without Shikhar Dhawan. Now he may see another defeat against Mumbai Indians. Before the match against Mumbai Indians, it becomes important for Preity Zinta to know about the 5 truths of Punjab Kings and believe them because they are going to make a big difference between the two teams.

Shikhar Dhawan is the only such batsman of the Punjab Kings

So far in IPL 2024, only one batsman of Punjab Kings has crossed the 150-run mark. And, that batsman is Shikhar Dhawan, who is not playing against Mumbai Indians due to a shoulder injury. On the other hand, Mumbai Indians have 3 batsmen who have 150-plus runs in their account. Only his middle and lower-order batsmen have scored less than 150 runs.

There is no competition for openers

So far in this season, most runs have been scored by an opening pair, then Mumbai Indians' Rohit Sharma and Ishan Kishan are in second place in that list. There has been a fifty-plus partnership between them in 4 out of 6 innings, in which there is also a century partnership. On the other hand, due to Shikhar Dhawan's injury, the regular opening pair of Punjab Kings has been broken. Dhawan and Bairstow have added 168 runs this season. After Dhawan's injury, Atharva Taide is supporting Bairstow but this pair is not getting along well.

Punjab also lags in hitting sixes

Mumbai Indians has hit 67 sixes so far in IPL 2024 and he is second in the list of people who have hit the most sixes. Whereas Punjab Kings is number two from the bottom after hitting only 44 sixes.

Punjab Kings have the least strength even in power play.

An even worse difference between Mumbai and Punjab is visible in the number of sixes hit in the powerplay. Mumbai Indians have hit the maximum number of 23 sixes so far in the powerplay this season. Whereas the Punjab team is exactly the opposite. Till now he has hit the least 4 sixes.

There is only one bowling average with Punjab.

If there is one thing with Punjab Kings that can improve their poor game then it is the best bowling average of this team so far of 25.20. On the other hand, the overall bowling average of Mumbai Indians so far has been 35.72, which is the third worst among the 10 teams.