World Elections in 2024: From Russia to Azerbaijan and South Korea to Taiwan…Elections in these countries in 2024, what will be the impact on India?


2024 is the world's election year. Along with India, the world's largest democracy, elections are to be held in about 60 countries this year. Many of these countries are part of powerful groups like G7 and G20. Till now elections have been completed in many countries including Russia and Pakistan. Know whose governments have been formed in the countries where elections have been held and how their relations are with India.

elections around the world

Election year is the most important for any country. This decides who will manage the country for the next 5 years, what ideology will be the government in the country, from where the country will import what, and with which country it will have good relations. According to the International Foundation for Electoral System, there will be elections in about 60 countries including India in the year 2024. Half of the world's population will vote this year, so it would not be wrong to say that this year is going to change the ways of the world.

Among these 60 countries, there are many countries which are part of powerful groups like G7 and G20. General elections are also being held this year in India, the world's largest democracy. While Prime Minister Narendra Modi is making claims of assuming the post of PM for the third time, the opposition is also making strong claims of change of power. Not even half a year has passed and elections have already taken place in many countries. There are many countries among these whose elections have directly affected India. Let us know which are the countries in which elections have been held and what impact their results have had on the world.

Elections of these countries have a direct impact on India

In the countries where elections have been held till May 2024, the policies of some countries directly impact India. Elections have been completed in Bangladesh, Russia, Pakistan, Indonesia, Taiwan and Bhutan. Half the population of the Asian continent has cast their vote. Let us know how the elections were in these countries.

The government has not changed in India's friend Bangladesh

Elections have been held in Bangladesh in January. Despite election rigging and many other allegations, Sheikh Hasina has become the Prime Minister of the country for the fourth time. Bangladesh's main opposition party BNP had boycotted the elections, after which Sheikh Hasina's victory became clear.

What is the impact on India?

India's relations with Bangladesh have always been good. Sheikh Hasina's return is a good sign for India because the opposition party BNP has held many anti-India protests in the country. If there was a change of power in Bangladesh, it would have a bad impact on India.

Questions raised on Pakistan's elections

The elections held in Pakistan have been surrounded by many questions. Firstly, the symbol of Imran Khan's party PTI was snatched away and secondly, his independent candidates were also stopped from campaigning. Still, candidates supported by Imran Khan secured the maximum number of seats but missed the majority mark. Nawaz Sharif's party PMLN and PPP have together formed a new government in the country. Let us tell you that Shahbaz Sharif has been made the new Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Impact on India

India's relations with Pakistan have been bad under the governments of both PMLN and PTI. In such a situation, the Sharif family coming to power again will hardly prove to be good for India. Because Shahbaz Sharif is also adamant on Pakistan's old stand regarding Kashmir.

Putin again in Russia

Elections were held in Russia this year too and as everyone knew that Putin would become the President of the country for the 5th time, the same happened. Many Western countries and human rights organizations have raised questions about these elections in Russia. Putin has secured about 87 percent votes.

What is the impact on India?

India's diplomatic relations with Russia are very deep. India has been exporting oil from Russia at cheaper rates for years. Russia has been important for India in the purchase of arms. Putin gives preference to India. In such a situation, no change in power in Russia is a good sign for India.


Prabowo Subianto took oath as President of Indonesia. Prabowo Subianto has won a decisive victory against his two rivals. After which the rivals talked about filing a complaint of rigging in the elections. Let us tell you that Prabowo was the Defense Minister in the old government and he comes from a big political family of Indonesia. Prabowo Indonesia is a big market with a population of 20 crores. Because of which India, China, and America were also keeping an eye on its elections.

Relations with India

Relations between Indonesia and India have been good both in terms of trade and diplomacy. Both countries established relations with each other in 1951. India shares a maritime border with Indonesia in Andaman and Nicobar. These relations are also expected to improve under the government of Prabowo Subianto.


Elections were also held this year in Taiwan, which is in dispute with China. The party which is considered a staunch opponent of China has achieved a strong majority. Ruling party leader William Lai Ching Teh has become the new President of the country, he was the Vice-President in the previous government. China claims Taiwan as its part and William Lai Ching Teh has been an open opponent of China.

Impact on India

India does not have any special trade relations with Taiwan, but India has always supported Taiwan's complete independence and opposed China's interference.

South Korea

Elections were also held in South Korea, a country close to America, in April this year in which President Yoon Suk's party had to face defeat. Korea's main opposition party, the Democratic Party, has won the majority. In this election, the opposition had made the issue of increasing tension in the region due to the strict policies of the UN.

Ilham Aliyev in Azerbaijan for the 5th time

Azerbaijan's President Ilham Aliyev has won this time too. He got 92 percent votes in the elections and became President for the fifth consecutive time. After the war with Armenia, his praise increased further in the country. Azerbaijan has good relations with Iran and Turkey, while relations with India have seen some strain in the last few years.


The issue of the Ukraine and Russia war dominated the elections of Finland, which recently joined NATO. In this election, former Prime Minister Alexander Stubb has become the new President of Finland. Former Foreign Minister of Finland Pekka Haavisto was contesting against him, who had to face defeat by a small margin.

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