Will China reverse the results of the Lok Sabha elections? Alert given to India


There has been a long-standing discussion about the misuse of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in India, which is keeping pace with the rapidly developing world by holding the hand of technology. Meanwhile, big tech company Microsoft has alerted the Indian government in a blog post about China's vicious moves in the Lok Sabha elections 2024.

American-based company Microsoft said that during the general elections in India, China can influence the elections by misusing AI technology. The company has also warned about hacking attempts during this period. According to Microsoft, cyber groups of the Chinese government will target important elections to be held this year and North Korea may also play a role in this. With major elections taking place across the world this year, especially in India, South Korea and the US, we assess that China is generating content on AI.

The company says that AI has become a major weapon for hackers, who can easily morph videos (tampering with videos). With the help of AI, the voices of famous personalities can be changed and shared publicly on a large scale, which helps it go viral and reach millions of people.

Use of AI for the first time in Taiwan elections

Microsoft said that AI content was also used to destabilize Taiwan's presidential elections in January 2024. This was the first attempt to influence a foreign election with government-backed AI-generated content. China has been continuously using this method to promote memes, videos and audio.

When is voting in India and when is the result?

Voting for the great festival of democracy i.e. general elections will begin in India on 19th April. The last phase of voting will take place on June 1, 2024, and the results will be declared on June 4, 2024. Due to this, Microsoft has warned that after the presidential elections in Taiwan, China can use AI this year to overturn the elections in America, South Korea and India.

Microsoft released report

On Friday, a report by the company's Threat Intelligence team was published, according to which the American tech firm said that it expects Chinese cyber groups to target high-profile elections in 2024, which will also include North Korea. Microsoft said that China will create AI-generated content through social media and upload it on social media which will benefit them in the elections.

China has created AI anchors

The company said that the impact of AI-generated content will be minor. Microsoft said that although the impact of such content in attracting audiences remains low, China is rapidly increasing the use of memes, videos and audio. Which China will continue in the future and creating such content by China can prove to be effective in the future. While reporting that China had also increased its use of AI TV news anchors during the elections in Taiwan, Microsoft said the news anchors were created by the CapCut tool, which is developed by Chinese company ByteDance, which owns TikTok.